Become our rep in the country you live ....we require only information...and you get your payment


Our company profile:

Established in Nov 2004 Business registration we have sold /leased many residential & commercial properties mainly to overseas as well as local clients through our various web promotion worldwide. So become part of our success without any obligation on your part at your convenience by providing us the vital info we require...and be rewarded with your minimum effort....


  • We will publish your contact details in the following link on our website - Our overseas reps
  • Once you get a potential query (or if you get a client who is looking for a property in Sri Lanka from your locality) you could pass us the name / tel /email also the code no of any property they are interested in from our website.
  • We will open an Email chain with your clients name under subject line-keep you updated of every move & progress of the potential deal until its closure.
  • Once the owner pays us the sales/lease commission we will remit exactly 50% of it to your Sri Lankan or overseas account same day.

Please email your full name/address/tel/email (with a recent bust photo of yourself) to

Trust is the name of the game-work with us once & you will work with us for ever!