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"A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time"-Henry Ford  


* We will publish your property on our website with 20 images & a full page write-up, valid for one year.


* No brokerage involved as we publish your direct contact details

   (optionally we could bring clients on a commission basis as well if required)


* Your advertisement will go on


Plus 04 other local websites






* Apart from it our website is connected to 49 International real estate web sites from 20 countries.

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* We publish a monthly magazine called the 'Real Estate Partner' (in partnership with another company)



* We do a monthly news letter to about 50,000 recipients including most of the embassies in Colombo.



* Our website consists of a daily average visitor rate of over 506 people per day, worldwide.



* Your property will be promoted by our representatives aboard if any one is looking for a property in your area.

     Our team worldwide


* The advertising fee will be All inclusive-Rs.8,500/-(Colombo & suburbs) & Rs.9,500/- (Outstations)


* Any changes possible within the year at no additional charge.


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(optionally a live video clip with moving scenes & a foreign accent narration could be done for an addional cost of Rs.3,000/- apart from the normal advertising charges) Demo                                                                                      


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